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Registration & Setting

How do I become TazBuy member?


Please click “Sign In” signin21.gif   on the top of the webpage. Enter the necessary information and click “Sign Up”. A verification letter will be sent to your registered Email, please click the link in your letter to activate account. You can either go to to log in or be redirected to your TazBuy management center after activation.



Note: When you enter the code, if you don’t type right at first time, maybe the image of code is out of date, then you can click the image for refreshing the code.




Can I change my Email address?


Yes, you can. Please sign in, Go to “View Member Info” on the site. Then click “Change Email Address” on the bottom and enter the new e-mail address.


Can I change my user name?


Yes, you will be able to.


What should I do if I forget my password?


You can create a new password by clicking here or the Help button on the top of our webpage. Please note that the new password will be sent automatically to the email that you used to create your account.


How do I change my password?


After you log in, please go to “View Member Info” on the site. Choose “Change Password”, and then enter the current password and new password.


How do I change my profile picture?


Please log in first. Go to “View Member Info” on the site. Click Browse to find the picture you’d like to use and click Upload. The size of the picture should be less than 1M and only .jpg, .bmp, .gif extensions are allowed.

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