What is Buying Service & Buying Agent?

Imagine when you are trying to buy some products from a store in another country, what obstacles will you face? Yes, language, payment, and logistics will be the most troublesome problems you need to solve. Buying Agent will help you on all these difficulties by providing shopping service .
What is Buying Service & Buying Agent?
Buying Agent is a third party between you and store/seller to solve language, payment and logistics problems. It’s especially helpful when you are buying products from other countries. And all of these services for solving the above problems are called Buying Service.

Buying service can help you buy products in other regions or countries that you can not reach, or products described in other languages. In the mean time, buying service will also help you solve the currency problem when you are buying products in another country. If needed, buying Agent will provide shipping service as well to help you ship all the products to the destination.

Why Buying Service is needed?
Buying service is only needed when you are facing obstacles when buying products. The obstacle can be language, payment or logistics problem. In most cases, buying service is required in international shopping. For example, you may need buying service from China to buy something on TaoBao.com when you are in Russia and you do not understand Chinese language. Buying service will help you solve all the problems.

Who needs Buying Service?
As long as you are having difficulties to buy something, you may need buying service. Generally, you may need buying service in the following cases:
1) You want a product in another country and do you not understand the language in that country.
2) You know what you want to buy but the store does not accept the currency you can provide.
3) The store can not provide international shipping.
4) The store can provide international shipping but the shipping fee is too expensive and you want to cut it down.
5) You want to buy products from multiple stores and want them to be shipped together to you in one parcel to save fees.

Is Buying Service Complex?
Buying service is rather simple. You only need to tell what you need and pay for it, leaving the rest to the buying service agent. On TazBuy.com, you can register as a member and submit shopping orders to us, and we will shop and ship the products for you.  Of course, you can also delay the order in the process or decide when the parcel will be shipped on your own, if needed.

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